24hrs in Wellington


Join us for a 24hr photojournalism event in which a group of local photographers are asked to capture images which reflect our beautiful city. Organised by members of the Wellington Photographic Society, this event is commemorating 125 years of Wellington photographers coming together to share their passion. We have run a 24 Hours event before with great success and it proved to be a great event for the Wellington community.

The organisations that invite our photographers into their worlds to share their special contribution to life in our city, the people of our city, who are happy to share their involvement in the day to day happenings! Our sponsors, who share the passion for recording and presenting our world and our city, and the photographers, young and old, who are passionate about recording what is happening around them.

Once the 24 hours is up all the photographers will gather together with their images. Their work will be shortlisted and presented to a team of professional photojournalist’s for judging. In the weeks following the event the winning images will be exhibited in a large exhibition in the city, and will also been seen in a range of print media and on our website.

If you would like to be involved as a participant/sponsor/helper in the event please get in touch to discuss 🙂

Signup is now open below 🙂

You can now register for the 24hrs Event at the link below.

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Please email: secretary@wps.org.nz with any other questions.

Event Details

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 We are still in the initial planning stages of the 24hr event, and we are gathering resources and volunteers currently. We have set down a date of the 23rd of March for the 24hrs of photography, and we will confirm the exhibition date shortly.

If you would like to be involved as a participant/sponsor/helper in the event Please email:

secretary@wps.org.nz with the subject line 24hrs

WHEN: MARCH 23 2018 4PM-4PM | WHERE: Wellington City